Thursday, August 21, 2014

Review of Acourate

Here's a great review of the Acourate room and speaker correction system.

The review also shows many other things, such as the calibrated mic kit from iSEMCON, calibrated microphones from Cross-Spectrum, and more.

My collection of calibrated microphones is in bad shape.  I have a calibrated mike for LAUD V3, which works only with that program running on a Win 98 PC with Fiji card.  But I'm unsure that the calibration file is properly loaded.  I haven't run the program in years.

I have two Tact RCS 2.0 preamps which both came with calibrated microphones.  I can't remember which microphone went with which preamp, and the Win7 laptop I run the old 2software on makes it unclear whether mic calibration file is loaded or not (the window is blacked out), or which one is loaded (if I could even remember which was which).  Many Tact users decided that the factory calibration wasn't any good anyway, you'd be better off simply using an "average" calibration file for these microphones (similar to ECM8000) to avoid false correction, especially in the highs.

Somewhere I have a Mighty Mike which was never removed from the box the ebay seller shipped it in.

I have an IVIE IE-30 which I haven't used in a long time and needs battery replacement.  It came with an ACO mike in preamp holder.

I have several Bruel and Kjaer microphone capsules with paper curves made in the 1960's.  They must be use with appropriate microphone holder such as the one on the now non-functional IE-30.  B&K also use very unintuitive way of describing the frequency response/polar characteristics of these microphones.

I have several General Radio microphones which came with my GR1933 SPL meter.  These have even more specialized mounting requirements than the B&K's.  I also have some barely working B&K SPL meters.

I have a pile of Behringer ECM8000 microphones which I got in various ways, and I can't remember which is which.

I have Galaxy meter which was tested by Home Theatre Shack and said to be within parameters of their standard Galaxy correction file.

I can never decide whether the time has come to buy M30 or similar serious measurement microphone, though it could be argued I should have done that a decade ago and avoided some of the other things (especially the Ivie, B&K and GR meters).

At this time, I'm not much adjusting anything but bass anyway, so why do I need microphone with 30kHz response?  Though I would like to measure super tweeters anyway.

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