Thursday, August 21, 2014

HDMI De-Embedder

Here is a great discussion on HDMI De-Embedders to extract high resolution audio from DVD-Audio's and SACD's.

As for now, I get full resolution from the SPDIF output of my BDP-95, and I think SPDIF is likely better than HDMI for transmission anyway.*  I am lucky to have BDP-95, one of the few players to do this.  AND my current matrix switch seems to be blocking high resolution audio through the EDID--I could probably change that somehow, and when I next come across the manual for my matrix switch I will try.  Meanwhile I have the recommended Kanex Pro de-embedder installed, and it works for standard resolution audio.  If I could get HDMI to work for high resolution audio, I could use the SPDIF line exclusively for the Mac connection, and then use a superior F connector cable (see previous post).  But my current thinking is that full resolution through SPDIF is likely better than that though HDMI, so I would be disinclined to use the de-embedder for any other reason than convenience.

(*The HDMI is a 100 foot connection using HDMI to CAT6a conversion.  So it's hardly a "simple" connection either.)

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