Monday, August 25, 2014

EQ thoughts

I'm now leaning toward getting the OpenDRC-DI hardware for room correction, and using Room EQ Wizard to design the filters.  I like the fact that OpenDRC-DI has AES/EBU digital connectors, which can plug right into my existing system, and make the best digital connections over short range.  I like the fact that R.E.W. is an open software product, and I can see what it is doing, and possibly what I would like to change.  The downside of this solution is that I believe it does not allow for multipoint correction.  In contrast, DSPeaker dual core does have a multipoint correction feature, though it is not clear how well it works (and the manual doesn't talk about it much).  And it has only Toslink digital connections, which don't work well with much of my stuff (such as the DCX2496, which has no Toslink input, and my Tact 2.0 RCS, for which the Toslink output seems to be no longer working).

OpenDRC is actually more powerful than some other MiniDSP products.  It has enough power to run both IIR and FIR filters.  REW apparently creates IIR filters, much like old fashioned analog filters.  FIR filters allow for the correction of phase and amplitude separately, which makes it possible to do lots of interesting things, such as remove the time delay variation produced by a speaker crossover, or design a speaker crossover with no group delay.

Sophisticated commercial correction products (Acourate and probably Dirac) use FIR to correct system phase response, but that goes along with doing a full range correction.  I strongly dislike full range correction and want bass EQ only.

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