Sunday, July 3, 2011

Would be nice to split audio from HDMI

Rather than going through Sonos to listen to audio from Dish in other rooms, it would be nice to have HDMI-to-HDMI with audio output.  Because all the digital inputs for my Tact preamps in both living room and bedroom are full, it actually would be more convenient to get analog audio out, though normally I'd prefer SPDIF digital output.

Here's a nice looking unit from Octavia, a bit pricier than expected, with both analog and digital outputs, though (sigh) the digital output only supports 5.1.  The video is HDMI input to HDMI output, with proprietary equalization system (everyone has something like that).

Here's a unit from CYP with only SPDIF output, and has DVI-I output which would require simple DVD-HDMI adapter.  I first saw this one on eBay listed for $79.  But it requires adapter, and actually analog output would be better for me.

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