Saturday, July 9, 2011

3 Hours Work, Now More Needed

I know it doesn't look like much, 8 holes drilled into the cover of a small Hammond box.  But that represents 3 hours of work, measuring, finding drill and bits, clearing off workbench, cleaning off full face respirator used for eye and lung protection, tapping holes, mounting, drilling pilot holes, finally drilling actual holes, filing rough edges, vacuuming, cleaning up afterwards, putting away tools.  Not counting blogging.

I drilled to the specification of 3/8 inch.  However, as I feared, some of the holes don't quite fit the isolation washer groove.  Only one of the two isolation washers is grooved, I prefer it when both are grooved because that way isolation is secure.  With groove on only one side, you need to make hole generously large to assure isolation.

One part of problem is that since I don't have or use a drill press, any slight deviation from exact trueness subtracts tiny amount from effective hole size.  I wouldn't mind having a drill press, but my garage is stuffed to the gills and doesn't have room for one now.  And I do park my nice car in there too.

I will attempt re-drilling to 3/8 + 1/32.  After doing one hole, I'll test.  Maybe it will need to be 3/8 + 1/16.  Yes, I should have done that the first time around.  But when I'm all geared to drill, after an hour of prep, I like to get on with it, and feel too dirty to mess with actual jacks.


Update: It turns out my drill bit set does not have 7/16, the next 1/16 up from 3/8.  But 7/16 bits are available.  13/32 may be somewhat rare.  This project will be resumed next weekend when I've picked up a 7/16 bit.  It will have to be compatible with my 3/8 drill.

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