Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dish Network Music

I've had both Sirius and XM (with Polk player) satellite services.  When Dish Network started carrying Sirius channels, I found that Sirius sounded better on Dish than on my Jensen Sirius player.  I've heard the Dish network uses higher bitrate than the regular Sirius band, and gets Sirius channels upstream of the lossy compression used on the Sirus band.  It always sounded that way.

Tonight after hooking up HDMI player (and thereby finally liberating my Dish Network box) I've been enjoying CD18 on Dish Channel 967, "Jazz Traditions".  I love that traditional straight ahead Jazz, and it's been playing without announcers also, which makes it truly enjoyable.  I believe CD18 is a non-Sirius music channel.

I do like Dish network!  Only Dish has both FSTV and Link TV, and for that reason I would never get cable.

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