Monday, July 4, 2011

More Dish Radio

Sunday night I listed to many Dish CD channels, as well as SirusXM on Dish.  For awhile I was definitely getting a rock-n-roll fix,   SiriusXM might have a better selection in various Rock and popular genres.  Downside with all SirusXM stations is that there are occasional announcements.  They don't seem as annoying as they did 8 years ago when I started listening to Sirius.  So far, Dish CD channels have been announcement-free.

Sometime before bedtime at 4:30am, I switched to Aura, which is a New Age Ambient-like mix, soft yet energetic.  Very very nice, similar to Low Mecury Groovera (one of my favorite internet stations for listening to late at night at work), but more energetic, and the sound quality seems better.

Background music is not the end-all for an audiophile, but it definitely can be helpful.  Few things make a house seem like a home so much as background music you enjoy.  And at times I've even sat down just to listen to Dish radio.

Worth remembering these channels (and maybe more):

977  CD 28 Aura
972  CD 23 Intermezzo (classical)
967  CD 18 Jazz Traditions (straight ahead Jazz)
6076 SXM  Symphony Hall (Sirius XM)

6090 last SiriuxXM channel
6002 first SiriusXM channel

981 CD 32 last CD channel
950 CD 1 first CD channel

Despite the huge numerical gap between 981 and 6002, there are just a few channels (for me) in that range, so I can browse from 950 upwards, or 6090 downwards.

If I do PIP, to keep the music going on one side, I can't tune the other side without switching audio over to that side.  I can browse the guide without interrupting music however.  And after selecting video channel to watch, I can resume listening to radio channel.

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