Monday, June 29, 2015

The Power Box

Cullen Cables makes a relatively inexpensive 6 outlet power box that I might get for my amplifiers.  This design would let me plug in up to 3 Insteon on/off modules to turn amplifiers and/or trigger supplies on/off.  I've also been looking at flat rack mount boxes by Tripplite that feature built-in ammeter, however those flat strips aren't friendly to the Insteon modules which would have to be plugged in through stub cords as I am doing now.

My dream version would have two wires wrapped around the hot inlet capturing info for a remote ammeter.

I came across this looking for serious upgrades to Sonos.  Over the weekend I enabled my 6th Sonos Connect, for the Turntable/Tape/Masterlink pod in the master bedroom.  This new Connect lets me more conveniently play turntable or tape throughout the house, and without going through multiple preamps that used to be required so it sounds better.  Plus it will allow me to record FM without worrying about what I last listened to on the main bedroom Sonos Connect.  It will also make it more convenient to monitor digital levels.

But as good as the Sonos connection just sounds now (listening to tape on the living room system was mind blowing…about as good as it gets…despite going through so many things) I wonder about upgrading the analog inputs I use ubiquitously.  Modifiers seem much more interested in modifying the analog outs which I don't even use, and the clocks which I think make little difference.  Unfortunately the old Cullen Circuits mod (now available through Wyred4Sound) is mainly a clock/dac/analog-out upgrade, and its key feature is up sampling (something I don't want).

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