Tuesday, June 2, 2015

ABX amp switching

I'm now planning to pull my QSC ABX box out of storage to serve as my amplifier switcher in the living room.  AFAIK it has 30A relays for speaker switching, and I have verified that it uses binding posts (and not XLR's, as I had been thinking) to attach speaker connections.  Given that QSC was making professional power amplifiers with many hundreds of watts of power, their ABX box ought to be able to handle fairly high voltage as well as the impressive 30A, and not mess up balanced amplifiers that don't want either output terminal grounded.

I had been planning to use external relays to switch amplifiers, like the Schneider-Magnecraft 199X-12.  I still think this is a cool idea, I can then run minimum length cables to the speakers, with the relays behind each speaker.

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