Monday, June 1, 2015

Interview with Dan D'Agostino

The Momentum is Class AB, not Class A.  Dan says that Class A buys very little additional performance with very much power and heat.  When asked what is special about his Momentum amplifiers, he points to his 35 years of experience designing good sounding amplifiers.

Very Ironic, given that Dan became famous for Class A amplifiers.  That was certainly how I first heard of him, when I first saw the man himself give a demo of his KSA-50 amplifier at an audiophile society meeting in San Diego, CA around 1982.  It has seemed to me and others that Dan made Class A transistor amps acceptable as they had never been before.  Now the leading seller of Class A amplifiers is Pass Labs.  Nelson Pass had previously been associated with the quasi-Class A that some Threshold amplifiers used (but it was not really anything like real Class A) during the 1970's.  But after starting his own company again around 1990, Pass went right to Real Class A with the Aleph amplifiers, and now the XA and First Watt amplifiers, which are all all real Class A.  Dan being Dan the Class A man made it possible for Nelson to be Nelson.

Dan also suggests there are interesting new ideas in his new amplifier he's not prepared to discuss.

That's fine for his business and customers, though what I like is the interesting ideas, so I'm disappointed he's not revealing more.

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