Thursday, June 4, 2015

Peter Aczel on Audio Subjectivism and Pseudoscience

Here is Peter Aczel's latest post to The Audio Critic Online.  As he has often done, he is bemoaning the rise of subjectivism and pseudoscience in audio.  I can only quibble, in my logically inconsistent way, with anything he says.

Here's Aczel on recordings by Lenny.  I find it surprising how Aczel says he found Lenny-the-man off putting and could hardly listen to his recordings for many years.  However, his verdict now is that Lenny was a master and possibly even unequalled as a conductor of Mahler and Haydn in particular.

Here's an interview of Aczel.

We might not get along, though.  I continue to say it is not for Aczel or others to decide whether my hobby is only about reproducing music accurately.  Audio itself is art and society too.  He admits in the interview that he has "a gearhead side" also and would like to try Boulder amps (though he thinks such low distortion is unnecessary).

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