Monday, August 15, 2011

Reworking the wiring and equpment beneath the kitchen table

 I'm taking vacation this week to rework the wiring beneath the kitchen table.  This entry is the "before" pictures.  In the above "close up" picture you just might be able to see the very thin white translucent plastic fiber optic cable that has gotten wrapped around everything, making it impossible to move anything because I don't want to break it, it's nearly unobtanium now and could cost hundreds of dollars to replace.  It's the essential link which digitally connects kitchen and living room video.  (BTW, it's OWLink HDMI over fiber optics cable).  The picture below gives a larger view of the complexity I need to tackle.

The photo below is the "large" equipment under the table, about 18 inches forward from where I actually sit.  The equipment consists of a DVDO scan converter which I use to convert analog video signals to digital (actually DVI) for distribution through the house.  Also there is an HDMI switch, which selects which HDMI input to distribute.  And there is a Radio Shack remote extender (the black plastic pyramid) which controls the HDMI selector from anywhere in house.  On top in front is a Koenig adapter which will convert DVI+Audio into HDMI, that hasn't been hooked up yet and I decided to forgo hookup until after the rework project.  The Jensen Isomax transformer (notice white and red audio connections) is not actually being used here and will be used elsewhere after removal.  In back is an active HDMI 4 way splitter and distribution amplifier.  Two of its outputs go to OWLink fiber optic senders.  Believe it or not, the HDMI video selection and distribution has been wonderfully perfect and reliable.  You may notice the legs for a 17 inch stool.  Atop the stool is the scanner and printer for my kitchen computer.  The stool is going to be replaced with a small table I plan to build this week.

The picture below is the side view from behind my AV equipment rack to the side of the kitchen table.  The mind boggling wires hanging down and interconnecting equipment in the rack will not be reworked much this week.  But on the floor toward the back you can see the Monster Power outlet strip which will be replaced with the Belkin UPS Power Conditioner.  And in close up, you might be able to see the thin white fiber optic cable that has gotten wrapped around all the power connections as well.

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