Saturday, August 27, 2011

Noise Sniffer tests

To see how well the Belkin was reducing electrical line noise, I used my AudioPrism noise sniffer.  The most quantitative way to use it is to set knob straight up (half way) because it seems to change the most that way, and then use SPL meter to measure level.

Testing new kitchen Pass & Seymour outlet, I discovered:

1) Noise at P&S outlet goes down when Belkin is plugged in but not turned on.  When Belkin is turned on it is about the same. as not being plugged in.
2) Noise at belkin outlets is the same as noise at P&S (!)
3) Noise level of this circut is very low, that's why (SPL is 73.3dB).  I get the same reading on dedicated AV outlet in the living room when not playing anything there.  In contrast, the outlet by the refrigerator is fairly noisy when refrigerator is running, and the outlet near the front door (powering security lights at front and back of house) is very noisy.  Outlet in bedroom is only slightly noisier than dedicated AV outlet despite computers and stuff on the same circuit (computers are plugged into APC UPS).

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