Monday, August 15, 2011

Power cords

No, not superfancy audiophile cords, I don't much get into that.  I have too many things to power to spend much money per cord.

But nicely made SJT power cords (SJT is heavy duty, SVT is medium duty), in many different lengths, with 14 gauge conductors.

I've bought these before, they're nice, and it's very nice to have exact length you need.  Brick and mortar stores only seem to stock one size, I believe it's something like 6 feet.  Use that, and if you're powering a dozen things, you'll end up with big piles of excess cord.

The plug specifications are NEMA 5-15, and the equipment connector is IEC C13.  To do effective internet search, you need to use those specifications, even though just about every piece of equipment sold in the USA uses these for detachable cords.  5-15 is sometimes specified as 5-15P (plug).

If they had shielded or 12g I might get that, but they don't offer it.  Shielding in power cord is not always a win.  Mainly it is for protecting other equipment from the noisy power and current delivery, so it would be most useful if you were running power cord with other cables or near sensitive equipment like moving coil preamplifier.  On the floor, it doesn't much matter.

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