Thursday, December 1, 2011

To Do List

Usually when I make a To Do List, it winds up that everything listed gets bypassed for the next thing that actually gets done.  But years later, many of the things got done anyway.  I don't take these things very seriously, they're just ideas.

1) Subwoofer tuning: though some more measurements might be nice, I've pretty much decided now that one port plug tuning (15Hz) is the best for the PB-13 Ultra's in my living room.  So I can just change to this and be done with it.

2) Deep bass tuning...short of full on room correction, which I have mixed feelings about, continuing to check out the bass in various ways and doing tuning with parametric EQ's, crossover adjustment, etc., can be helpful to the deep bass (below 80Hz).

3) Supertweeters.  Currently offline.  Put back online in far HF augmentation mode.  Adjust by ear and measurement.  Decide again if they are actually beneficial.  This year I have been adjusting HF balance by changing Acoustat angle...this is very effective, might have eliminated need for supertweeters (though I doubt it).

4) Bass traps.  Start experimenting with bass traps, possibly including active bass traps (e.g. Bag End).

5) FM Notch Blend Filter.  This has been stalled because I lost the drilled panel I created a few months ago.  Meanwhile, KPAC is now doing station upgrades, which may obviate the need, or require something different.  Last I checked, KPAC was operating at a fraction of normal power, and either stereo or mono sounded horrible.

6) Kenwood KT-6040: fix time constant to US standard.  When KPAC is fixed, I need to change put Pioneer F-26 back online as main tuner, and then use 6040 as whole-house tuner through Sonos.

7) Oppo vs Denon: do comparisons of Denon 5900 and Oppo BDP-95 playing various kinds of high resolution audio discs.  Simple start would be comparison of mechanical noise on DVD-Audio discs.

8) Move Oppo (or Denon) to back of room to lessen impact of mechanical noise from chassis drive and fan.  Use remote extender to enable nice control, and have some sort of connection to TV (hdmi?).

9) HDMI link: currently one OWLink transmitter seems to have died, but it might actually be a power supply problem.  This is not an audio problem, but I do need to fix some sort of HDMI link from kitchen to living room to watch video sources from kitchen including Cable.  Another test of the OWLink might help, or buying new kind of CAT-5 based balun.

10) Set up HCA-1500A amp in bedroom, along with PS Audio Power Plant Premier regenerator.

11) Make CD copies of a set of cassettes I have (using Nak and Masterlink).

12) Set up turntable in bedroom (using Linn, Panasonic, Behringer).

13) Krell: re-test, take apart, photograph, reassemble, send in for repair.

14) Koss phones: make adapter cable for Stax amp, photograph amp, get optimal cables for phones and install with Stax plug; disassemble and photograph second E90 unit, measure E90 bias in operation.

15) Get PSX800 turntable repaired, install new Dynavector 17D3 cartridge.

16) Replace old cap on left Acoustat with Solen (already done on right).

17) Send in Ivie IE30 for repair.

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