Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Denon 5900 manual and HDMI system

I've been thinking about getting manual for my two Denon 5900 players, especially the one intended for bedroom, now offline because it's noisy.  Perhaps I can clean and/or lubricate the mechanism to make it quieter.   Earlier this year I had both Denon 5900 and 2900 players hooked up in bedroom.  I used the 5900 player for HDCD discs (it didn't sound noisy on slow speed CD format discs) and used the 2900 for high speed SACD and DVD-Audio discs.  But my rack didn't have space for all that and the PS Audio Power Plant Premier, so I took the 5900 out to make room for it, leaving my bedroom system incapable of playing HDCD's except in CD compatible mode.  I had originally purchased the second 5900 to replace, not augment, the 2900.

Looking back through my records, I see I ordered the famously hard-to-get service manual for my Pioneer F-26 tuner from StereoManuals.com.  However their collection is not indexed for Denon service manuals, and you must send them an email.

I found the manual already listed at servicemanuals.net and ordered a paper copy from them.

Meanwhile I also ordered a new kind of HDMI transmitter/receiver set for the living room.  Although I'm still planning a re-test, it seems that one of my two OWLink systems is no longer working.  OWLink systems are hard to find, and the huge discount deals that I got in 2010 are no longer available.  Other optical HDMI systems for 60 feet are $399 and up.  The more common way of sending HDMI digital video more than 30 feet is to use CAT5 or CAT6 with a suitable transmitter/receiver pair.  There are many such units available, from cheap $30 to over $1000.  Amazon has a generic brand for about $90.  I decided to get the ETS AV961G from Markertek.  Markertek is a top video supply house, so if they carry something, that's an important endorsement.  I checked out ETS and they are a US company that has been making balun-like AV products for extending signal reach since the 1960's.  Unlike the product at Amazon, the ETS requires the less expensive and more widely available UTP (unshielded) CAT cables; in fact the manufacturer doesn't suggest using STP cables that seem to be required for the Amazon product.  Plus, the ETS unit is supposed to have an equalizer adjustment for different cable lengths, according to Markertek.  Another seller says the equalization is automatic and there is no external adjustment.

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