Friday, December 2, 2011

Accurate Stereo

In this great post, Sigfried Linkwitz describes accurate stereo reproduction.

With the listener in the "sweet spot" a virtual sound scene should open up in front of him.

Linkwitz details 3 cases, the traditional equilateral triangle with speakers and listening position, a wider listening angle of 90 degrees given by making the distance to speakers 0.7 times the width (W) between the speakers, and a long distance 2W which loses imaging detail but can be pleasant and is less sensitive to sitting off axis.

This is where I've been this year.  I started at my old 2W position, moved in for something close to 0.7W, and now am pretty close to 1W (though I suspect it's about 0.85W).  I've observed the same things he describes.

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