Friday, March 4, 2011

Open Links

Thread I started at Gearslutz about converting absorption factor to Sabins

Nobody has answered my question directly, though it appears the correct thing is only to include front face (not even side faces) based on standard measurement procedure.  It's intended to be equivalent to an "open window".

I'm now trending away from acoustics for the moment, to focus on this weekends plan to modify Acoustats by replacing old electrolytic capacitor with Solen film.  Though perhaps I shoulda got bigger capacitor to replace whole bank of capacitors instead (I debated with myself about that ad infinitum 2 years ago).

Apparently the existing bank is 57.01 uF, consisting of one 47uF cap (the old terrible electrolytic), a 10uF film, and a 0.01 uF film (the latter two were used in original MK-121-A design in combination with a 220uF electrolytic, then the last Medallion "C" modification, which I have, changed the electrolytic to 47uF.)

Here is an Audio Asylum thread on Acoustat interface mod (starting with non-Medallion.

There's also a discussion about "tired film", something that has been worrying me.

Here's a fairly new thread (started Feb 2010) on DIYAudio with Andy Szabo from the Hafler period of Acoustat production.  The AcoustatAnswerMan !!!

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