Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Analog selector options

Goldpoint makes some nice switchboxes.

There are two useful passive selector box options.  One switches 4 unbalanced inputs, for $352.  Another switches 2 balanced inputs, for $372.  Put both together with some XLR to RCA adapters, and I have 4 unbalanced inputs and one balanced input.  Total cost around $750.  No remote.  Clumsy two box solution.

It would be far nicer to buy their big EN2 enclosure box, stuff it with the required connectors and selector.  Two decks of 2Pole6Position switch would do it give 6 inputs any of which could be balanced.

But still no remote.  The Adcom GFP-750 has 1 balanced input and a passive non-attenuating mode.  However it appears that in passive mode, the balanced input may not work.  None are currently for sale, typical price is $750.

Ebay has circuit board with relays for 4 stereo unbalanced input, and 1 balanced input, to one balanced output, exactly what I want (even more than what I want) for $19.  But that's just the relay board, and no remote control (control is by single selection).

Another option is the fletcherhanys Dimenuendo, which is passive 26 position volume with 5 relay unbalanced input.  All unbalanced, but relay selection with remote input.  Currently selling for $549 from the manufacturer.

dB systems sells the dbp-2J/5 passive switch box.

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