Monday, March 7, 2011

My feelings while working on Acoustat capacitor modification

From time to time, the audio gods require sacrifices.

One gets more self respect from making such sacrifices through personal technical effort than just whipping out charge card and buying new amplifier or tweak.  The web is full of amateur audio designers sharing their ideas and pictures of their beloved constructions.  ("amateur" actually means "for the love of it".)

(Buying a new amplifier or cables is far less likely to change your audio life than buying new speaker.  But it's also much easier, buying a new speaker usually takes big adjustments such a room layout and listening habits.  So I have greatest respect for those who buy new speakers.)

I can do these things, though I often take the easy way out (whipping out charge card) instead.  I actually worked as an audio technician, doing things very much like what I'm doing right now, back before I got my first good job (with sustainable pay and benefits).  But strangely, that was when I met many of my best friends.

After I left that woefully underpaid audio technician job, I continued to build things and do interesting modifications for awhile.  As time has gone on, less and less (though I still buy parts for doing interesting projects, somehow I never get around to them much anymore).

This isn't a big project, really, even though I make it seem like one, but it needs doing.  Fortunately only sweat, and not blood, has been sacrificed so far, and I hope to keep it that way.

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