Sunday, February 20, 2011

Room EQ Wizard running

Tonight I've downloaded and installed the highly praised freeware program Room EQ Wizard (REW).

Also set up Emu Tracker Pre soundcard, and Galaxy CM-140 (the SPL recommended by the makers of REW).

Just putting SPL on top of listening chair for now, and didn't get CM-140 calibration downloaded yet.

Measurements are not showing a peak at 42 Hz.  They are showing, at least for the right channel, a deep null at 46Hz.  (The peak from 38-55 Hz is in the corner, not at listening position which gets the opposite response.)

Left channel showing 10dB dips at 125 and 165 Hz, so I reset my EQ's for that, with 4dB rather than 2.2dB gain.  Even though I set octave width at 0.25 for 125, the EQ simply seems to raise the entire region.  So I changed the octave width to 0.35 for less ringing (presumably) makes very little difference.

UPDATE: A sweep up to 2kHz reveals that the largest/widest suckout was really around 230 Hz, so I added an EQ for that.

Current EQ's
42Hz       -2.0dB 0.4 octave
125Hz      3.0dB  0.3
165           3.0dB  0.3
230           4.0dB  0.35

Result looks like an improvement, anyway.

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