Friday, February 18, 2011

Acoustic Treatments

Here's a great article on room treatments by Ethan Winer (maker of Real Traps). Ethan seems like a very good guy and I trust him.

Looking at my room though, it's hard to see where I would fit the Real Traps.  I have a very nice spot for a 16 or 20 inch diameter tube trap, but I'm not sure I like the way Tube Traps are constructed with fiberglass, which I'm worried about leaking through the fabric and into my HVAC system.  Real Traps tend to enclose the fiberglass in plastic, which seems safer.

I'm planning to order RplusD, the premier acoustic measurement software, today.

I'm still liking my manually adjusted EQ's, though I really want to measure and "improve" them.  I listened to some Bach organ works today and was delighted by the clarity of the bass.

For measuring my manual adjustments, however, I have to dial them into the Behringer.  (Currently I dial them into the Tact Parametric EQ, but that is turned off during measurement.)  So it's a bit of a pain, and the Behringer can't be adjusted with as high resolution as the Tact.

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