Monday, February 21, 2011

Clever idea to fix bass null electronically

How to fix the 46Hz null in the left channel electronically (!!!)

My clever idea is this...playing with the fact I have dual subs.  I'm using the subs in "IRS" model (like the old Infinity IRS speaker) where each subwoofer gets the low passed signal of one channel.

Actually, lots of Home Theater hacks say you should run the subs in mono if you're crossing over below 100Hz.  I could try that.

Or I was thinking of some kind of complex crossover, where the bass is steered between one sub and the other in order to defeat the null.  Actually, there is no null on the left channel, so I could have a second crossover that adds puts all the bass below 50Hz on one side.

Right sub: 50-85Hz
Left sub:   15-50Hz (mono) + 50-80Hz

Or, for even more fun, just cross-over the 35-50Hz range:

Right sub: 50-80hz + 35-15 hz
Left sub:    50-80hz + 50-35hz (mono) + 35-15hz

By now, I hope you are laughing (and not just shaking your head).

I'm don't think my digital crossovers can actually do that, I might have to use two of them (I have a spare).

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