Friday, July 7, 2017


Last weekend I tested DACs using RMAA.  I discussed the results here and gave a few numbers (but was unable to figure out how to post even pictures of the results...something I hope to fix soon).

I'm pretty well aware of many issues doing the measurements (especially, the rather low impedance of my sound card) and I'm planning on doing an improved set of the most important measurements soon including balanced outputs and higher impedance loads.

Meanwhile, here's NwAvGuy's review of RMAA, which seems somewhat more negative than deserved (though all of the substantive points he makes are valid, and he does say many times that this may be your best option under $5000).  It's worth re-reading and re-re-reading.

A bunch of people at Steve Hoffman's forums were testing their DACs last year with RMAA.  Some results interesting, others comical.  The last guy doesn't seem to get that you get virtually perfect results using digital output to digital input, which he must be doing by mistake.

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