Thursday, July 20, 2017

DAC low level pictures

Marvey at SuperBestAudioFriends has posted pictures of low level resolution of 3 DAC's, the Schiit Yggdrasil, the MSB analog DAC (which has long been on my want list), and the Nad M51.

At -90.31 dBFS (basically near the limits of 16 bit audio) the Schiit is showing a trifle of notchiness around the zero crossing point, otherwise a fairly smooth recongnizable sine wave.

The MSB is showing notching all over the wave.  (And Marvey comments that John Atkinson didn't give this DAC any crap for only achieving 18 bits resolution, etc.) and looks a lot worse.

The NAD M51 (which uses a very high frequency PWM conversion--the very kind I find the least intellectually acceptable) is showing an almost perfect looking sine wave, just a slight bit of lumpiness at the extremes.  This may be the best looking sine I've ever seen at -90dBFS.

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