Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tuned Low Frequency Traps

I've spent a lot of time reading about "bass traps," by companies like RealTraps and GTK.  Properly speaking these are not tuned traps, they are absorbers, and notably they have less and less effect as you descend from about 80Hz.  By the time you get to 45 Hz, where my biggest room mode is, they don't have much effect, and to get anywhere you have to fill all room corners to 18" or more, and ultimately perhaps every square inch of wall space.

As ineffective as these mass weighted absorbers (typically made with dense fiberglass board) are at deep bass frequencies, foam based absorbers are worse, their effect at deep frequencies is virtually nil.

Well here is something I hadn't seen, actual tuned traps designed to absorb 30-50 Hz, which turns out to be a very problematic range in my room and I suspect virtually all rooms below 2000 square feet, as they say.  They are manufactured with foam and carbon.

These might even work better than my electronic bass trap eTrap from Bag End, though at 30x60 it's rather large for my room and wouldn't easily be integrated without losing a crucial bookcase or something.

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