Friday, June 23, 2017

Klipsch vs Altec

Just surfing around, I found this very interesting discussion of Klipsch vs Altec, two major (and very long lived) manufacturers who have made well regarded horn based speakers.

In a 1965 test, the Altecs are said to have originally sounded colder than Klipsch, but got better with certain improvements in the 1970's, and now some posters prefer them (notably, the Model 19).

Klipsch has also gotten better, it seems the K55 midrange driver sounded bad above it's range and was not crossed over steeply enough, a later revision added steeper crossover which improved sound considerably.  Many Klipsch owners had been using Altec midranges to get away from the K55.  Similarly a crossover revision added steeper crossover for the K77 tweeter, which didn't sound good low in its range.

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