Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Music Review Sites

Here's one I didn't know of about one of my favorite genres of music: Progressive Music Review.

I stumbled on that looking for reviews of the Tangerine Dream Bootleg Series, of which I've now bought the 2nd box set and loving it.  I could just add ALL of Tangerine Dream to my collection...but there is a LOT of Tangerine Dream out there.  I had no idea, I had one Tangerine Dream CD and figured there wasn't much more.

And to find out more about one of my favorite "dead" formats, DVD-Audio, there's DVD-A.net.  (Not updated every month, in fact a little annoying because they don't give the Year of each post, but the most recent posts look less than a year old, and who cares how old if I can still get the DVD-A's I missed first time around.)

Looking at DVD-A.net one could almost be reading Progressive Music Review, since it seems the Progressive's are at the top of the DVD-A list.  I see lots of Gentle Giant and Jethro Tull and Yes looking interesting.  I've already grabbed most of the DVD-A 'standards' including some now quite collectible.

Now I'm also aware that Esoteric (Teac) not only makes incredible disc players (I'm still lusting for a UX-1, the universal player using differential PCM 1704's, the ultimate VRDS mechanism, and playing DVD-Audio as well as SACD) but also SACD's, many many titles still available on eBay among other places, though in limited editions.

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