Thursday, April 13, 2017

Denon Turntables

I've got the 'ultimate' collection of turntables already (though, not 'ultimate' by the Giga Audiophile standards of today, ultimate by the standards of about 1985, which was in the heyday of vinyl after all):

1) An SP 10 MkIII, with the SP 10 MkII 'Obsidian' base and the Technics ruby bearing arm.

[Every part of this, which I paid a lot for, needs repair or extensive refurbishing, and I still have no dust cover and got no refund for that.  This was my single most catastrophic eBay purchase, a long story, which I may have described here.  Nowadays I'd lean on eBay Buyer Protection to set things right, but I let an old guy who knew far more than he let on rip me off, possibly from his jail cell.

And I don't actually know I got a MkIII.  That's what the ad said.  To confirm the motor is a MkIII I'd have to take it apart.  If it really *is* a MkIII I wouldn't feel so bad, but the seller was such a crook I have strong doubts.  Everything visible on the base says MkII and the logo was removed from top of the mechanism itself.  He was crooked, but it wasn't as if he wouldn't know the difference, he had worked in equipment supply business, and like an expert pool player, didn't let on what he knew until the end when he was trying to sell me up.]

2) A Linn Sondek LP Valhalla with Ittok Arm.

[Need Valhalla power supply repair and cart replacement.  I been too busy to make the needed contacts to get it fixed.]

3) A minty (except broken arm) Lenco, A custom heavy base, and an industry standard long arm.

[Needs full setup.  An open Saturday would be enough, maybe.]

4) A Sony PS-X800 linear tracker.

[Needs repair and possibly some refurb.]

That's my ultimate collection of tables, none working at the moment.  Meanwhile, I have a pretty good working table:

4) Mitsubishi LT-30 linear tracker, with massified and dampened arm, and Dynavector 17D3.

[Finally, after enough tweaking, it's working OK, almost as good as the PSX-800 a few years ago.]

and in my junk pile, one more of those is also working, and then I have a couple of Benjamin Miracords I bought cheap which need refurb or junking.

Anyways, I lust for a few other things, but often for a Denon in 1980's vintage.  I knew the DP 6000 was an excellent drive, bettered somewhat by the DP80 and maybe DP75.  Meanwhile, there's a list of Denons of impeccable performance including DP 59, DP 62, DP 67, DP 72.

Here's a discussion of the merits of different Denon turntables.

Here's a discussion of newer high end turntables in the Giga Audiophile class, like Rockport Sirius III.  The Torque-is-King attitude vs Belts-Are-Still-Better-Usually.  My collection was designed to demonstrate both versions, though not quite at the What's-Best level.

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