Sunday, January 4, 2015

Parametric EQ Simulator

This simulator was very helpful to me in fine tuning my parametric EQ's this weekend.

Generally, I needed higher Q's than I was thinking.  Previously I was too (?) worried about high Q's meaning resonant systems.  I'm still a bit worried about that, but if I use 1/3 octave equalizers, as I often have, that means I've been freely using Q=4.3 already.

Here's a Q vs Bandwidth calculator.  Some useful numbers:

Bandwidth = 1/6 octave    Q = 8.7
Bandwidth = 1/3 octave    Q = 4.3
Bandwidth = 1/2 octave    Q = 2.9
Bandwidth = 2/3 octave    Q = 2.1
Bandwidth = 1 octave       Q = 1.4
Bandwidth = 2 octaves     Q = 0.6

Thinking about this, I also created a low frequency tilt control with a Q=0.5.  Setting a center frequency at 20 Hz, a 4dB cut with Q of 0.5 yields a downward tilt starting around 100 Hz with maximum reduction of 4dB at 20 Hz, which is exactly what my living room left sub needed to have flatter bass (there was previously a frightening rise at low frequencies…room curve too extreme).  After some listening, I decided to dial back this ultimate tilt control to -3dB to give bass a bit more life, but without sacrificing a new sense of low to midband transparency.

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