Sunday, January 11, 2015

Current Crossover Settings

As of January 10, 2015

Behringer DEQ (used for Acoustat high pass and EQ)
  Parametric EQ's
    80.5 Hz, LC, -15.0dB; 1/2 of LR24
    80.5 Hz, LC, -15.0dB; 1/2 of LR24
    227 Hz, 1Octave,+3dB; sweetener Eq added 1/4/2015
  Gain Offset 0dB
  Delay 4.14 msec Left and Right

Behringer DCX (Used for subs and super tweeters)
  SW Left
    A -14.1dB
    LR24, 80 Hz
      1. 20 Hz,  +1.0dB, Q3.5; room curve boost
      2. 45 Hz,  -7.0dB, Q4.0; #1 room mode
      3. 39 Hz,  -3.6dB, Q5.6; #2 room mode
      4. 32 Hz, +4.0dB, Q4.0; room curve boost
      5. 68 Hz,  -3.0dB, Q3.2; #3 room mode
      6. 20 Hz,  -3.0dB, Q1.0; Tilt down to cancel excess up tilt
    Delay 0.1msec

  SW Right (Gain pot straight up)
    B -14.1dB
    LR24, 80 Hz
      1. 27 Hz,     0dB, Q1.6; old boost discontinued
      2. 45 Hz, -5.0dB, Q5.0; #1 room mode
      3. 66 Hz, -3.0dB, Q3.2; #3 room mode
      4. 32 Hz, +3.0dB,Q2.0; room curve boost
      5. 25 Hz,      0dB,Q1.0; old boost discontinued
    Delay 1.15msec+0.29msec

  ST Left
     A -2.0dB
     Delay 2.18ms+1.31ms

  ST Right
    B -2.0dB
    Delay 2.56ms+1.02ms

All Polarities are NORMAL.

Both Subs fed through XLR 10dB attenuator.

N.B.  Cutting Subwoofer level is difficult; SVS's are high sensitivity compared with Behringer DCX which has high output, even with 10dB attenuator.  "gain pot straight up" is at least -3dB, which may be what is dialed in other side but not sure.  Experimental cut to SW Left will require adjusting SVS input level, fortunately it's a digital level control.  With level adjust, EQ 6 may go away.

Currently listening to my altMusic folder random shuffle through Sonos, taking a break from Pandora and William Orbit.  Beatles playing right now.

Bedroom System

    -13.7dB Sum
    80 Hz LR24 LP
    Delay 0
    EQ 50 Hz -4.0dB Q4.0; Room Mode
    -1.9dB A or B
    80 Hz LR24 HP
    Delay 3.49 ms
    EQ 107 Hz +4 Q3.5; sweetener added 1/4/2015 re floor/ceiling cancellation

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