Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hydrogen Audio are Good

I like Hydrogen Audio objectivists.  I am often disappointed with myself that I'm not an audio objectivist by their standards, or perhaps any.

One thing for sure, if you don't like spending money on unproven things, don't follow my approach, which pretty much guarantees that.

Arnold B. Krueger, despite his fame, works tirelessly and sympathetically to help find the best explanations for everything.  He is not the kind of in-your-face or casually hurtful person you might suspect from his reputation and his avatar.  But he is not the kind to surrender to subjectivism either.  He sticks to his reason, and I respect that.

I like doing what I do anyway.  I do focus a lot on things objectivists like, such a speakers and room acoustics.  But I also (waste?) a lot of time with electronics whose levels of performance should not be required for satisfactory reproduction.

I know that such things may not be important AT ALL.  I just enjoy working them anyway.  I try not to make big claims (but sometimes I do anyway, such as my recent war against sigma delta).  Whatever I might say, you can be sure that I do also always harbor considerable doubt at my own ideas.

I stay away from things where I have no understanding of how it's supposed to make things sound better, look better, or be more fun.  I think that is the wrong approach to audio.  If you don't have a hypothesis you are exploring, can understand roughly, or measure, I don't think it will be easy to make progress in a sound improving direction.

Many people think "science" is all about observation.  But actually, it always has to start with a plausible story.  Without a story, it's just all shots in the dark.

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