Monday, June 23, 2014


Here's a review of Dirac pc-based equalization system and other equalization systems.

Interesting.  However I wouldn't like having to run everything through my Mac for correction.

My last time around (in 2010) with automated room eq didn't turn out well.  Optimizing the center room sweet spot made the room boundaries in a huge boom zone.  Next time, I plan to only correct the subwoofer bass, and I plan to do a multipoint correction which takes into account boundary positions as well as the current less central sweet spot.  I still plan to use the DualCore DSPeaker to do this.  It's hard to know how the DSPeaker algorithms compare with Dirac, but DSPeaker is sure more convenient for me.

Other software for room eq includes Audiolense, Acourate, and REW.  REW creates filters that you load onto a PEQ device (I still have the one they suggested in factory box).

Here's a quick summary of DRC, Acourate, Audiolense, Ultimate Equalizer 2.0 HT, Dirac, and MathAudio.

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