Monday, March 31, 2014

More on audio objectivism

NwAvGuy has posted a great and lengthy thesis on what we can (and can't) hear.

I should read and digest this, especially now that since 1983 I've crept back in bed with the subjectivists.   I officially consider myself a "Grey Hat" who looks for plausible scientific explanations of what subjectivists talk about--beyond mere dismissal--while simultaneously saying that anything not proven in blind testing should not be considered "a big difference" as subjectivists are constantly doing.  My hope is to find things that have been overlooked in standard audio engineering, or maybe even further beyond, in information theory.  However I immediately concede that I have not done so, and that many subjectivist claims regarding how the objectivists were proven wrong are not accurate, and that overall the objectivists have been more right than wrong, and perhaps even entirely so.

Here's a similar thesis maintaining that 24/192 music downloads are very silly.

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