Thursday, March 27, 2014

How the SL 1000 was packaged

The SL1000 turntable base and attached motor (less platter) were packed in a makeshift oversize box which was made of two layers of corrugated box material salvaged from two other boxes.  As I opened the box from the top, or at least where the shipping label was, I first encountered 3 layers of bubble wrap covering the base and motor, with foam pads around the sides.  The turntable had been upside down, and looking down on the box I could see the bottom feet.  I carefully removed the turntable base and motor from the box, and after removing the bubble wrap, they appeared undamaged.

In several initial emails, starting from before I purchased the turntable, I told Mr. George Heid how I wanted the turntable pieces boxed.  He had agreed completely, and said he would box them as I had said or even better.  I also described how to do proper double boxing, with two inches of solid padding between the inter and outer boxes, and that the outer box should be a very strong box, preferably triple ply.  Even before I ordered the turntable I ordered a motor bracket to secure it.  I told him to wait for that, and he said he would start working on packing the turntable anyway.  It took almost 2 weeks for me to get the motor bracket, and then I sent it to him by 1-day express mail.  He then told me he would get the turntable packed and shipped that week.  At the beginning of the next week he said he was still working on it, but he would ship it by the end of the week, and so on.  Finally he did ship the turntable on the 45th day after purchase.  I only discovered around day 40 that I could not open a case through eBay buyer protection about non-delivery since more than two weeks had elapsed since the projected delivery date.  But he did finally ship a few days after I called the number he had given me earlier oat about day 25 in order to describe some better condition SP10 parts I could buy from a friend of his, especially a better condition dust cover (without the small crack shown in one corner) and asked me to make an offer (I made some low offers, still having confidence in him but worried about buying things off ebay, and also not quite appreciating the value of an SL1000 dustcover).

It was pretty clear from the moment I picked up the boxes at UPS that he had not done as I had said, and it was even clearer after I started opening the boxes.  So I was extremely relieved to see that the turntable base and motor were undamaged anyway.  After doing this, I left home for the workday.

I believed at the time that it was only the base and motor that were in that box, because there were three boxes and I figured the dust cover was in another box.  I only discovered later that day that underneath where the turntable base was, there was also the dustcover, wrapped in bubble wrap, and it had been broken in three pieces presumably by the weight of the SL1000 base and motor.  Unfortunately, at that time, I was so horrified I didn't take pictures of it until much later.

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