Friday, February 7, 2014

Servicing SP 10

One of the great advantages of buying an SP10 Mk2 or above is that these were very popular turntables, at least by high end audio standards.   That translates into incredible support today, almost 30 years after the launch of the SP10 Mk2.  People are talking or will talk about them everywhere, discussing all aspects of use and refurbishing.  There are companies well known for servicing SP 10's, which is something I intend to do soon (but hopefully not because the turntable has stopped working well).  Here is a list of well known SP 10 shops:

1) Bill Thalmann at Music Technology in northern Virginia.

2) Steve Dobbins (mostly known for high end plinths)

3) Sound HiFi in UK

Here's the blog where I found these names.

I like the idea that the SP 10 bearing is supposed to be user serviced, because that means it is user serviceable!  (And not some bit of magic that requires you to find a guru in Xanadu.)  The main thing required is cleaning (with alcohol q tips) the bearing and then adding oil, or just adding oil if the bearing is clean and in use.  The factory specified oil is Technics SFWO 010.  Technics does not supply this anymore, but claimed-identical products are available in many places, include, where I just bought some.

KAB reveals that they learned from Technics that the oil is actually a synthetic diester oil blend known as Anderol 465, used for impregnating sintered metal bearings and parts on aircraft (!)

Others have suggested various alternatives, like synthetic 5-50W oil.  What definitely should not be used is 3-in-1 in the red can because it gets gummy, but 3-in-1 in the blue can (for medium electric motors) is said by some to be ok.  Seems like Technics was using the best possible product though.

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