Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blog(s) on turntable motors

An intrepid set of audiophile investigators has begun carefully measuring and deconstructing turntable wow and flutter on famous turntables of various designs, including Linn LP 12, Technics SP 10 Mk2, Technics SL 1200 (best selling turntable, and available for two decades), EMT, and others.  The effort that I am aware of started in 2009.  (Perhaps there are other such efforts out there.)

Actually, I first started reading a blog about this on VinylEngine, and the blog I was reading was actually a  derivative blog of comments the original blog (that I know of) hosted at Pink Fish Media.  I found the derivative blog quickly informative at the beginning, but then after a few pages it occasionally degenerated into accusations of conspiracy and claims of counter-conspiracy.  I still found it entertaining, if less informative, but ultimately the site administrator closed it to additional comments.

So then I flipped over to the original blog, such as I know it now, and it starts more slowly, and has the horrible misfeature that many of the pictures are no longer shown since they were hosted by a site that no longer supports them.  But flipping to the end of that original blog, and I believe it is still open and growing at 42 or so pages when I last looked, it did contain interesting and informative comments about  turntable drive systems, additional measurements, and so on.  I haven't read it all, but it does look worth reading, but I have to flip over to the other blog to keep the pictures in mind.

(The original site on Pink Fish Media might show the pictures if I become a member, so I'm going to do that.)

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