Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Test Patterns

Here is a discussion of analog and digital video resolution and links to test patterns.

The pattern I used  pattern seemed to show 525 line video resolution in 480i displayed on my Samsung 40 inch 550 series LCD monitor displayed in 16:9, using Mac Mini mini DisplayPort output through component video adapter into Sony RDR-HX900 which serves as analog video selector, then into a DVDO which converts to digital at 1080i, thence to HDMI throughout my house.

I was thinking 525 was a limit but it's actually 540.  But quite possibly 525 is more practically achievable.  Anyway, this is quite good for a 480i component video display.

I did find that reducing sharpness to zero or at least below 10 gave the best display on the Samsung.  That is what you generally find with digitally perfect images.  "Sharpness" doesn't add real resolution, it only adds artifacts which appear like resolution with a very lousy picture.

But hooked up this way, there was visible jittering in the top 1/10 of the picture.  The jittering was not very visible from a distance, but appears to make picture softer.

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