Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thoughts about damping tonearm, etc

Friend has suggested I use a special damping material (this is not BS, there is real science behind this, but I'm not revealing it here because it's my friend's idea he may choose to capitalize on later) on my tonearm, top of headshell, cartridge, record mat, almost everywhere.  In fact, today he suggests if I take my Linn Ittok arm off to replace the cartridge (Linn instructs you to remove tonearm from table before tightening headshell screws to avoid damaging tonearm bearings) I can also add this damping material in between cartridge and headshell, and in between tonearm and base, before tightening.

I had some issues with that last idea.

The idea seems to be that you want these to mechanically act as if they are one piece.  That way, as some people say, energy can be drained.

I have some basic understanding of physics and such, but am not familiar enough with these things to know if this is BS or not, my BS light is weakly flickering, but not conclusively.  I think there is some truth behind these folksy explanations.

Intuitively, I do like the "act as one piece" thing.  I feel more comfortable putting the damping material on top of the headshell (will do that definitely) and around the arm, places that damp but don't interfere with the fundamental connection, then in places where solid connection is arguably needed.

Anyway, for the time being, another issue may be that the cartridge->tonearm resonance is problematic, or at least not ideal.  I want to figure that out.

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