Sunday, April 15, 2012

Marantz 2130 Specs

I wasn't sure if I could believe any online specs.  Ben Blish is a 70's marantz proseletyzer.  Lots of people may crib there numbers from him.  I thought it was very suspicious that Marantz did not include any performance specifications in the owner's manual.  Lots of technohype, no specs.

But I did find specs in the Marantz Service Manual.  I believe those are official.  And they are superb.  They are clearly better than the specs of the Kenwood TX-8300 even in the RF area.  That doesn't seem believable.  The TX-8300 uses a much larger 6 gang capacitor, and of course it has a serious reputation.  The 2130 didn't have much reputation, possibly undersevedly so, until Ben Blish or one of his predecessors started bragging about 70's Marantz.

So, do I believe the Marantz specs?  I don't know.  I think there's room for doubt.  Anyway, lets compare the specs of Marantz 2130 to Kenwood KT-8300 by their numbers:


Image Rejection
Marantz 120dB
Kenwood 110dB

IF, Spurious
Marantz 120dB
Kenwood 110dB

For all of the above RF specs, the Marantz is the equal of the L-02T !

Stereo Sep. Ikhz, wide
Marantz 55dB

Stereo Sep 100-10Khz, wide
Marantz 45dB

Frequency Response, 30-15Khz
Marantz +0.2, -1dB

THD, 1Khz, Stereo
Marantz 0.07%
Kenwood 0.1%

THD, 6Khz Stereo
Marantz 0.2%

Sensitivity, Marantz
IHF 1.5uV, 8.75dBf
50dB Mono 2.2uV, 12.1dBf
50dB Stereo 25uV, 33.2dBf
78dB Stereo 1000uV, 65dBf

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