Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sounding better than ever

Last night I listened again to one of my recent favorites: "We want to be loved" by Grouse.

I had been blown away when I first heard this (on Pandora, actually).  I then played on Rhapsody, finally got real CD version.  No advanced resolution version available that I know of.

But a few months ago, and this was one of the reasons why I began seriously re-examinging the listening position, room correction, room acoustics, crossover, and ultimate re-capping one of the acoustats was this: it wasn't sounding good anymore.  Notably, in the second track it sounded like the band was being replayed over a speaker system with speaker foam rot.  Clever, but very annoying sound.

Well now it does sound different and better, and the image I had was wrong.  The closer listening position really makes the imaging here 2 dimensional, if not 3 dimensional.  The way the speakers are now slightly angled away from the listening position, which brings the highs more inline with the midrange.  And the replaced speaker cap helps improve inner detailing (still on one side only though).

Now the band sound is direct.  But there is some other object making a razz noise in time with it.  I still find the razz noise a little unlistenable, but it sounds much better than speaker rot.

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