Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ordered new outlet strip

New satellite power strip, extending extra outlets for Kenwood tuner, spare CD player for guests, and MSB digitizer for tuner.  And will add subwoofer and Kurzweil lines to that (to be powered by "high current" output from Belkin power conditioner).

Perfect item found on Mouser, Wiremold 15A 6 outlet strip with aluminum case, green dot outlets (real outlets, hospital grade), and 15 foot 14/3 SJT cord (ULBH6-15 is the mfg part number).

No surge or filtering (should not connect those to power conditioner...in fact those can be very bad).

Price $71 plus tax and shipping.  Shipped today.  I use an identical unit in bedroom for powering turntable and phone preamp.

Similar audiophile products start around $199, PS Juice Bar.  The Wiremold looks better to me, more bone and less flash, though for audio purposes, it has a breaker/switch which is considered undesirable, and it's hard to imagine when it would be needed.  I once purchased special limited production Wiremold strip without switch or breaker of any kind.  But it did not feature "real" outlets (like you could put in the wall) like this one, but rather the "thin" outlets that are intermediate between the real outlets and built-in-the-box plastic strips.

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