Monday, September 19, 2016

Replacement for Sonos

Something like this would be a start, the RoonReady Sonore Sonicorbiter SE.

Article also mentions a bunch of network audio frameworks:

HQ Player NAA

Sonos recently has made it hard to select 0dB on a Connect so you can properly adjust level on actual system.  (Sonos is more and more thinking of connecting to all their own devices, rather than serving as a transport layer for music for all devices.  A slippery slope going the wrong way IMO.)

Sonos has never supported Hi Rez digital, or DSD, and probably never will.

Sonos gives no ability to adjust buffering size (and conversely latency) when sharing analog sources over the network.  It seems to be limited due to small buffering to a maximum of 5 uncompressed analog source connections on a Sonos network.

The one good thing that Sonos does that nobody else does is allowing analog connections across the network in the first place.  I cannot switch to any other system until it provides similar or superior analog source connectivity

You might notice this little Sonore device has no analog inputs.

Article comments also mention some other devices:

Raspberri Pi Audio

In this article about a modded Connect, yet more things are listed:

Denon's Heos Link
AURALiC Aries/Mini

BTW, I don't think RE-clocking and up sampling Sonos output to 96kHz is necessarily the way to go.

Reclocking in general is band-aids, all that re-clocking can ever do is low pass filter the timing variations.

What is needed is much simpler: add a word clock input so external clock can be used!  (OR, bolt high quality clock inside.)

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