Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ripping DVD-Audio audio

I didn't even realize this was possible, I've had my own methods of analog re-recording (recording the analog outputs of a DVD-Audio player) and digital recording from the outputs of the unique Oppo BDP-95 (which passes digital audio from DVD-Audio without downsampling).  Here is software that rips the audio from DVD-Audio on a computer.

I found out about this reading one of Archimago's investigations of High Rez Audio.  I willing to follow his take that sampling rates above 96kHz simply aren't worth the bits.  In my current audio systems they are irrelevant anyway as my DSP is 96kHz, so anything above 96kHz has to be converted (usually by analog resampling) back to 96kHz.  I'm even slightly surprised that the objectively minded Archimago things that 48/88/96 are of some value, but he does.

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