Thursday, October 1, 2015

John Atkinson on MQA

Good, though I think I liked one of the angles in The Absolute Sound, where it focussed on the perceptual issues and the importance of time accuracy better.

The pulse accuracy graphic therein was the most striking.  That is what I have always thought needed to be done!

Here…the discussion is interesting, and John Atkinson reveals more in the comments.

Could I imagine MQA end to end?  Even replacing my ladder dacs with something else, and likely delta sigma, and replacing my input ACD with an MQA devices, my level controls, EQ's, digital crossovers, would not work.  But I already have 24/96 end to end, which is pretty far right on the chart of diminishing returns.  There isn't much left above that which, perceptually, MQA could handle.  But if I start with MQA streaming (and, if I could dream, analog-to-digital streaming connection like Sonos line in) converted to 24/96….voila everything is now 24/96!  So I could, in principle, use a Sonos-Connect-like network based on MQA with 24/96 outputs and (dream) MQA inputs.  If Meridian makes it I doubt I could afford it.  I have six nodes now and will need seven.

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