Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sledge Amplifier arrives

I picked up the new SVS Sledge Amplifier on Monday night at FedEx.  I was immediately surprised at how light the things is, perhaps 5 pounds or so.  I was thinking a 1000W amplifier would have to be more like 15 or 20 pounds, plus a heavy metal plate to resist the sound waves.  Whatever the plate is made out of it's quite non-resonant, unlike a steel plate which would ring like a bell.

SVS had merely wrapped it in bubble wrap, no fancy box.  Well I shouldn't have been surprised…it is only sold for upgrades or replacements.

Non-resonance appears to have been a big concern.  Cables are wrapped in non-resonant sleeves.  And a yellow goo is spread over, under, or in between many parts.  The way this is done isn't very pretty, so I'd hardly call this amplifier "audio jewelry."  In fact, I was a bit concerned about the array of small capacitors toward the top of the main board.  They are tilting in many directions with the yellow goo underneath and between them.  Are they actually soldered in well, with the leads unbroken?  One can't verify that, and can only hope and try.

I still think my long run strategy is to use an external Class AB amplifier with meters.  But the new amp has a 5 year warranty, so I think I may just let that run out first.

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