Friday, April 18, 2014

The SL 1000 Mk2 Dustcover

It's been about a month since my SL 1000 turntable system was delivered.  UPS has finally called me to arrange pickup of the packing materials related to the broken dustcover (along with the broken dustcover itself).  I left these outside my front door on Wednesday night.  They did not pick up on Thursday.  This was the last of several phone calls related to the shipping damage claim.  First I was called by the UPS store in Pittsburgh, then by George Heid (both of whom were surprised that I had not heard or seen anything related to pickup attempts by UPS).  I was called by some UPS coordinator, who told me I'd get another call from local UPS.  Finally I was called by local UPS, who set up the pickup, supposedly, for Thursday.  I would have liked to have an inspector come out, but UPS seemed to strongly prefer having things picked up.  I personally hold George Heid responsible for doing a lousy packing job with lousy materials, after we had spent weeks emailing about how it should be done, with him agreeing to do everything as I wanted, then he took two months to actually ship, and when he did he didn't do pack anything like what we had agreed he would do.  I personally thought it would be futile to try to collect from UPS given his lousy packing job and lousy materials, and that Mr. Heid should have taken personal responsibility for his lousy packing job (and/or an attempt to pass off an already fractured dustcover as "shipping damage" which I think is very plausible especially given Mr Heid's experience in the audio field--he must have known better).  But I had waited too long to qualify for eBay Buyer Protection, and his only offer was to send me the proceeds from the insurance.  At this point I don't really care what UPS does.  If I don't get the money, it will prove me right.  If I do get the money, it still won't be easy to find a replacement dustcover anyway (Mr. Heid thinks I should spend even more to get a dustcover with another base, then sell one of the bases).

Before putting the dustcover outside (and I may never see it again, or if I do it may be broken to bits) I made measurements.  It would be very difficult to duplicate this dustcover, however.  It has a shaped lip around the front and two sides which goes over the top of the plinth, probably hugging it fairly tightly, then also rests a bit on top.  In the back, it apparently rests only on the top, so the back is slightly less high.  (I forgot to measure the height, I think it was about 4.5 inches, then the lip was around 15cm.)  And it has trapezoidal shape, with the top making a smaller rectangle than the bottom.  This may have been designed both for cool looks, and for deflecting and blocking sound waves from the outside.  Something that was somewhat unappreciated in reviews of the time in the British audio press, which found that loud enough sound could cause feedback nevertheless.

Anyway, here are the measurements:

554 mm wide
440 mm long

Front face tilts back to top by 50mm
Side faces tilt back to top by 20mm
Back face tilts back to top by 4mm

For a more typical dustcover sitting on the top, it would have to be a bit smaller, so I'm not sure it was even worth making these measurements.  Better to measure the base itself.

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