Monday, July 1, 2013

New System Photo Explained

The previous living room system photo was very outdated.  Taken in mid 2010, it showed the Krell, Acoustats, Elac supertweeters and SVS subwoofers.  The speakers are the same but the Krell is now offline (and to the side, still visible in new photo), having been functionally replaced by the Aragon 8008 BB.  The listening position has been moved up to 3 1/2 feet from speakers, the most important change of all.  Normally facing straight ahead, the listening chair is rotated in the photo to avoid hiding all the equipment, but is otherwise in correct spot.  And now there are additional piles of equipment to the left and right of the two center components.  From left to right and top to bottom, here are the electronic components:

Far far left:
120VAC to 240VAC hammond stepup transformer (for KT-6040)
Radio Shack Remote Extender

Far left:
Jenson Iso-Max...used to isolate ground from Kurzweil K2661 cables and convert to unbalanced
Behringer DEQ 2496...used to equalize output of Kenwood KT-6040 tuner from Europe.
Classe CP 35...used (sometimes) to amplify output of Kurzweil providing 10dB more gain
   Could also be used for transformerless input and conversion to unbalanced
Pioneer F-26...classic analog super tuner, used for living room system only
Kenwood remote tuner used whole house through Sonos
Sony CDP-507...original CD only player used for guest CD's

Aragon 8008 BB...amplifier for Acoustats full range above 80 Hz

Sonos ZP 80 zone player
Behringer DCX 2496...3 way digital crossover with delays and eq
Tact RCS 2.0...main system preamp, selector+level+eq, room correction not used

Far Right:
dB systems 5 way selector with teflon jacks
Lavry AD 10...digitizer for F-26 and Denon 5900
Denon 5900...universal DVD, DVD-Audio, SACD, HDCD player
Acurus A250...power amp used for super tweeters
Belkin UPS and audiophile power conditioner...used for all except Aragon

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