Friday, January 18, 2013

Hickok Tube Testers

I have two Hickok tube testers, a Cardmatic model 123A, which has been my old standby since 1980, and a Model 6000, which I've never used (because I have the Cardmatic, which is cooler).

Unfortunately, my 123A has several problems.  It has a horrible AC leakage problem, I get around this by connecting it to a GFCI strip and not connecting the ground.  If I forget it's leaky and touch any  metal part, the GFCI triggers instantly.

I should get that fixed...

But right now the problem is that it stinks.  It has some kind of mold problem, or cat spray, or dead rat inside, or something.  I've moved it to my new very well sealed and climate controlled storage building, and I was able to keep it from stinking up the place by putting a blanket over it.  But eventually the blanket will pick up the smell, and then....

Girlfriend immediately says "get rid of it."  I try to explain how important a piece of gear this is.   I say "in top shape it would be worth $1000 or more."  Unfortunately, in the shape mine is in now, it might not be worth much for sale.

But arguably I might do fine by selling the 123A as-is on ebay and just using the 6000.  I bought the 6000, in fact, as a backup unit.

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