Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pink Floyd Immersion Editions

Now that I've received my Dark Side Immersion Edition, it's about time I actually opened and listened to the Wish You Were Here Immersion Edition which I bought last month...

So I did this on Sunday.  This had to be the best playing of Wish You Were Here that I've ever heard, on my Living Room system, through Denon 5900 player.  The sound of the LPCM 24/48 recording of the 1975 mix is very open and analog sounding, just as I remember it.

The LPCM track is just one track on 1 of the 5 discs, but it's probably the one that's the most important to me.  I've very glad they included a DVD-Audio disc with this track on it!  The other tracks on the DVD-Audio disc are all compressed multichannel.  The Blu Ray disc has both surround and stereo versions, but my only Blu player is not hooked up to my highest fidelity system.  So most of the stuff in the package is just a waste for me, as it is for most reviewers in reviews I have read.

On Monday night I played the disc on my new Denon 3910 in the bedroom.  Once again I heard beautiful analog-like sound.  At first I accidentally put the Wish disc on top of another disc that had already been in the player.  When it started up, I heard a rattling noise.  I took the discs out and inspected the Wish disc very carefully.  Fortunately there were no scratches.  Just like that I might have ruined the most important part of my $120 investment.

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